Imagine Escaping Your IVF and IVF Donor Egg Rollercoaster:

Unlocking Acceptance, Forgiveness, Courage and Community for your Journey...

It’s easy to lose yourself, feeling worthless and isolated along the way. What would this look like if you could grant yourself permission to let go?

Now Imagine maximizing your chances for a better outcome...
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Hey there courageous soul…

I see you.  I’ve been there.  I lived your pain.

After I battled through years of infertility, braving the storms of countless IVF cycles, and grappling with the trauma of an ectopic pregnancy, the disappointment of failed attempts, including heart-wrenching Donor Egg options, it feels like you are alone...

...does anyone know what I am going through?

Like me, you're a go-getter whose career has always taken the lead, you imagine your partner reflected in your child and imagine a future with a family, even as the toll of infertility silently wreaked havoc. The struggle might have dimmed your self-love, leaving you estranged from the very essence of who you are, all while the obsession of becoming a mother swallowed you whole, leaving you feeling lost and angry. You're in a place where self-recognition falters, and it's a lonely territory where the relationships you cherished feel the strain and you can't help but to wonder...

...WTF?  (Where's the finish) and your husband might be worn down, feeling like he's lost the woman he once knew, and even your thriving business might have felt the shockwaves.

Understanding the Road to Acceptance

Let me tell you, denial kicked in for me when the specialist dropped the infertility bomb-speech on me – "Time to consider a donor egg..."

...this moment for me was a whirlwind of emotions. From anger to disappointment, as I wrestled with my self-worth, my body's capabilities, and the life I'd imagined. Those "what-ifs" start circling like vultures, whispering...

...“if only you'd done things differently, life would have unfolded in a different way" or  "What's wrong with me?"  These words echoed in my mind, like a relentless drumbeat. It's as though I was stranded in the middle of a storm, unsure of how to break free, but the intense longing to be a mom pushed me forward...

...because really, who are we if not a mother-to-be?

The journey to accepting this reality is a maze. I come from a career in Corporate Event Management, where the natural reflex usually is to "fix" things – have a backup for your backup plans.

But here's the kicker...

...this type of fixing isn't in our control. We can't dictate the outcome. The big question lingers: Will you or won't you become a mother?

When my personal life became out of control, my natural tendency toward “fixing” things, translated into research. Research became my fortress – a way to decipher those complex terms like endometriosis, early-menopause, premature ovarian failure and epigenetics. A way to find my footing and uncover the path to acceptance, which in turn became my way forward.

A Personal Struggle and Shift in Outlook

Infertility is an intensely private affair. In certain cultures, being labelled as "infertile" feels like a scarlet letter. My inability to bring forth life, shrouded me in shame, as if it somehow it erased my worth. This shame compounded when I contemplated options like donor eggs, where my genetics would diverge from my child's.

...I felt like a scarlet letter…

Amidst the exhaustion of being constantly angry – at myself, at the world – the fiery emotion became a suffocating weight. It taints every decision, every thought.

The fear of society's judgment, the apprehension of what family and friends might say – these are formidable foes. I grappled with how to face my dad, a man I deeply respect, and explain his grandchild might not inherit his genes. Tackling this inner turmoil of 'eggceptance' while navigating external reactions became a daunting endeavor.

Embracing "Eggceptance"

But then...

...a breakthrough dawned. I realized embracing the donor egg path didn't confine me to the role of an incubator. The genetic blueprint is vital, but it's the builder who weaves the magic, breathing life into the beautiful creation nestled within. Initially, I thought the magic wand of science would whisk me into motherhood, a single IVF round delivering the prize. I compared my journey to those around me, marvelling at how some achieved pregnancy so swiftly.

But alas...

...there are no magical shortcuts. IVF, donor eggs, and the whole gamut aren't swift solutions; it's a marathon, an arduous journey, summiting Everest. Science can only guide you so far, and then fate takes the reins. It's a long haul, a test of your resilience. You fall, you rise, you dust off, and you try again. WTF! (Where’s The Finish…) It's like chasing a finish line which seems elusive!

For me, the pivotal juncture was acceptance. 'Eggceptance' followed suit. This newfound openness allowed me to shed society's shame, the isolation which often accompanies infertility, IVF, and the donor egg route – a sense of loneliness which haunted me throughout my journey. The feeling of inadequacy stemming from the need for another's selflessness to embrace motherhood dissipated... felt like the universe was no longer conspiring against me; I could see a bigger picture.

I could finally shed the guilt and shame of my scarlet letter…

The Transformative Power of Acceptance

This journey wasn't just about my body... rewired my thinking, reshaping not only my personal life but also my business approach. Overcoming the impossible in life somehow enriched my professional life, teaching me to navigate the intricate dance between ambition and personal goals.

A full ten years, twelve months, and twelve days passed from researching IVF and donor eggs to holding my daughter. I can't guarantee you'll conceive...

...but I can promise, profound internal changes must precede external shifts.

There are so many processes you go through while going through treatment. But what about the process we go through to accept the “what-if’s”, the process before the treatment begins?

The process before the process...

...amid the diet changes, medical procedures, and countless examinations, we often forget to tend to our inner world – the thoughts which shape our experiences, which drives the actions we take and forms our behaviors.


Rediscovering Acceptance

Acceptance began with a pivotal question...

..."what if motherhood isn't in the cards for me...?"

This query marked the start of my journey towards acceptance and 'eggceptance.'

This shift was a game-changer, steering me towards a successful outcome. It all began with accepting the situation. Sometimes we can’t change our circumstances, but we can change the way we think about them and finally have the courage to move forward...

...and letting go!

WTF? (Where's the Finish) shifted to

WTF? (Where To Find...Acceptance)

So, what does acceptance mean to you? How can you uncover it? How do you navigate the emotional roller coaster? Where does self-love and forgiveness reside? How can you muster the courage and resilience to march ahead?

Remember this journey doesn't just transform your body... transforms your perspective, redefines your worth, and empowers you to be the architect of your own destiny.

It’s time to redefine your identity and uncover the strength within, with my Three-step guide Acceptance, Forgiveness and Courage. Dive into practical exercises which will guide you through the maze of infertility, rekindle self-love, and awaken the courage which resides within.

You need not do it alone…

What's inside the guide?

Discover the essence of my Three-step process – Acceptance, Forgiveness and Courage – in this comprehensive guide.

Uncover the tools and exercises that will help you navigate the complex terrain of infertility, reignite self-love, and harness the unwavering courage within you.


Step 1: Embrace Acceptance

       Discover how to face the storm head-on and cultivate acceptance for the path you're on.

       Dive into:

  • The "If-Then" Exercise and Journal: A space to jot down your feelings, reflections, and discoveries. Transform your doubts into acceptance by exploring alternative scenarios.


Step 2: Foster Forgiveness and Self-Love

        Learn how to build forgiveness and embrace self-love. Explore:

  • The Forgiveness Letter: A heartfelt exercise to let go of self-blame and embrace self-compassion.
  • The Self-Love Affirmations: Powerful affirmations to rekindle your self-worth.


Step 3: Ignite Courage

        Uncover the power of courage within you. Engage with:

  • The "Leap of Courage" Action Plan: Strategically plan and take small steps towards your dreams.

This is for you if...

This comprehensive guide is a perfect fit for individuals who resonate with the following:

You're Navigating the Challenges of Infertility: 

If you or someone you care about is facing the emotional complexities of infertility, this guide provides a compassionate and supportive resource to help navigate this difficult journey.

You Seek Clarity and Growth:

If you're on a journey of self-discovery, seeking clarity about your emotions, and aspiring to grow as a person, this guide offers invaluable tools and exercises to assist you on your path.

You Desire Inner Healing and want to move forward:

If you've been carrying the weight of self-blame, unresolved emotions, or past traumas, the forgiveness and self-love exercises in this guide can guide you toward inner healing and self-compassion.

You're Ready to Take Courageous Steps:

Whether you're contemplating major life decisions, pursuing long-held dreams, or simply aiming to overcome personal challenges, the courage-building strategies outlined in this guide will empower you to take those important steps forward.

You Value Practical Guidance:

If you appreciate practical, actionable advice and exercises that can be incorporated into your daily life, this guide is designed to provide you with tangible tools for transformation.

You're Open to Self-Reflection:

This guide encourages self-awareness and introspection. If you're open to exploring your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to foster personal growth, it aligns well with your mindset.

You Seek Emotional Resilience:

Building emotional resilience is crucial in facing life's ups and downs. If you're committed to developing resilience and coping strategies, this guide can help you cultivate these essential skills.

You're a Supportive Friend or Family Member:

If you want to better understand and support a loved one experiencing infertility or going through a period of self-discovery, this guide can provide insights into their journey and how you can be there for them.


By embarking on the three-step process of Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Courage outlined in this guide, you'll have the opportunity to transform your life, embrace self-love, and step confidently toward the future you desire.

This is NOT for you if...

While this comprehensive guide is designed to cater to a wide range of individuals facing various life challenges, it may not be the right fit for everyone. This guide may not be suitable for you if:


You're Unwilling to Invest Time and Effort:

If you're not prepared to commit time and effort to the exercises and practices outlined in this guide, it may not yield the desired results. Transformation requires dedication and consistent engagement.

    You're Looking for a Quick Fix:

If you're seeking instant solutions or shortcuts to profound personal growth, this guide may not align with your expectations. Real change often requires patience and persistence.

    You're Seeking Professional Medical Advice, Counselling or Therapy:

While this guide addresses emotional and psychological aspects of infertility and self-discovery, it is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have specific medical concerns related to fertility treatments, consult with a qualified fertility specialist or healthcare professional.

    You're Not Open to Self-Reflection:

This guide emphasizes self-awareness and introspection. If you're not open to exploring your feelings, past experiences, and inner thoughts, it may not resonate with you.

    You're Resistant to Forgiveness:

If you're unwilling to let go of grudges, self-blame, or past grievances, the forgiveness exercises presented in this guide may be challenging for you to embrace.

    You're Not Willing to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone:

Building courage often involves taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone. If you're resistant to change or unwilling to face fear, this guide may not align with your current mindset.

    You're Seeking a Strictly Academic or Scientific Approach:

While this guide draws on psychological principles and therapeutic techniques, it is primarily a practical and holistic resource. If you're looking for a purely academic or scientific exploration, it may not meet your expectations.

It's important to recognize that personal growth and healing are individual journeys, and what works for one person may not work for another. If any of the above points resonate with you, I want you to know that it's okay to seek alternative approaches or resources that better align with your needs and preferences.

You might wonder How I can Help?

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You are not alone

Hello, I'm Elouise Cloete, a proud Donor Egg mom, and a survivor of life's storms. It's quite a journey that has led me to you and I'm genuinely glad that we finally get to meet.

I've been in your shoes...

...I was the one who found herself invited to endless baby showers, watching as friends and family around me announced their pregnancies. I'd put on a brave face and muster a fake smile when someone shared news of their third pregnancy, all while I was still praying for my first. I couldn't cry openly, but inside, I was a whirlwind of emotions...

...that gut-wrenching feeling made me believe I was the only person in the world experiencing such pain. I felt profoundly alone, with no one to talk to.

But what if there was a way to escape this emotional turmoil and run towards Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Courage...

...what if you weren't alone in this journey?

I help successful women navigate the challenges of infertility and explore alternative conception methods. My mission is to liberate them from the shackles of fear, anger, shame, and guilt, guiding them toward a place of Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Courage.

This transformation empowers them to grant themselves the permission they deserve to confidently move forward and let go of the one-dimensional picture they once held of motherhood.

I'm here to help you process your fears while showing you that what life has given you is a gift, not a curse. Remember, when life hands you 'lemons,' we can make lemonade together.

This resolution will infuse your choices and outcomes with newfound confidence and certainty.

I don't want you to go through the pain I did when I wasted so much time and energy fixating on external circumstances, delaying the necessary action to make my dream of motherhood a reality.

The fear I grappled with fueled anger, loneliness, and prevented me from granting myself the permission to let go and embrace the beauty that was already before me. I simply wasn't ready to see it.

So, I invite you to allow me to be your guide as you strive to summit your Everest.

Remember, you are not alone.



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