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What's Secret Sauce?

How to Discover the History of Your Future and Dominate
Your Kryptonite with Your Unique Superpower...


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If you’re anything like me...

you are drawn to a meaningful career, with substance and significance


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    You are running the hamster wheel 24/7, chasing your own tail. Running from pillar to post without creating the desirable results you want and unintentionally you begin to doubt yourself and you ask yourself “What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? What are my competitors doing differently that I am just not getting?

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    You notice the constant and invisible resistance within you, and you don’t know why.

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    You are too scared to even look around, because it means you get sucked in by all the noise with so many solutions, self-study programs, plethora of systems and recommendations from so-called industry thought leaders and it’s leaving you gasping for air, instead of helping you to get the break through you desperately need, all you end up with is more confusion, overwhelm and you feel stuck, lost, unsupported with no team to turn to.

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    You become the Lone Ranger by default and not by choice.

Not knowing who or what to turn to and instead of a healthy bank balance…

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    You see an empty bag with a hole in the bottom, leaking clarity, time, money and productivity.

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    You see broken goals and dreams.

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    You feel frustration and desperation whelming up.

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    You know you must do something fast because not only is the hole getting bigger and bigger, running from one pay-check to another is simply not the life you envisioned when you started the lonely journey of entrepreneurship, which is taking its toll on your confidence and how you perceive your own value.

You can’t help but to wish the only ingredients to a successful business is made up of high work ethics, standards, hopes and aspirations…

…because then you would have nailed it and you would be a millionaire by now and flying high. Instead, you are not moving along. In fact, it is the total opposite.

I know how this feels. Been there. Done it. Bought the t-shirt.

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    I was buying into empty promises I would get excited about.

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    I invested in courses, software programs and promises which I thought would transform my business miraculously and would pour my heart and soul into effort which transpired in extraordinary little to no results.

Sure, it kept me being busy, but busy is not necessarily productive. All this “busy-ness” did, was destroying my soul, my passion and my drive. All the signs pointed out the illusion of success in business was reserved for the select few, for the elite and clearly not meant for me. I felt robbed. Robbed from my goals and aspirations. Robbed with emptiness and the feeling of mediocrity along with a bank balance which pointed out I was heading in one direction…


…I was lacking one of the most important things to business and in life.


Clarity in my purpose. Clarity in vision. Clarity in focus. Clarity in my personal and business goals. Clarity in my business offering, why it mattered, and how it could help. “Clarity-lacking”, if there is such a word, was lacking all around. What I discovered is clarity cannot be brought from the outside in. Clarity cannot be bought with any software solutions, courses or programs. Clarity can only come from within and with the right guidance, framework, processes and methods.

After I uncovered one of the biggest stumbling blocks in my business, I realised my inherent perfectionism, my number one business kryptonite, all along was being fuelled by the lack of my clarity. With the lack of clarity, comes the lack of direction. When I discovered this, I began to attract other women who were also struggling with these same challenges.

The lack in clarity with their business vision and proposition, just moved them further and further away from why they started their business in the first place. They simply just were not aware of it. They too were stuck inside their own frames and couldn’t see their own pictures. All they were aware of was frustration with the monster they have created and their inability to compellingly identify and express their value in a way which will elicit a yes from their potential clients. They were left with the nagging voice of the “I’m not good enough-monster” as the dominant voice in their heads.

Simply put, they didn’t know how to communicate their genius in a persuasive way.

Now my life is dedicated to bringing this discovery to the Multi-Hat “EventPreneur” and change their lives for liberation.

With the right guidance and framework, all these challenges can easily be addressed, which is what I will share with you in my training.

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This is where the rubber hits the road and where you will discover the history of your future.

And the best of all is you don’t have to spend years figuring this all out, because I can help navigate you around these potholes, so you can know what works and what doesn’t…

…I have created a step-by-step training program with a formula for struggling entrepreneurs and business owners within the events space to find crystal clarity on their proposition which will position them in the best possible way, reflecting their uniqueness to the market.

This is training where clarity breeds knowledge, ends struggle and attracts the right clients and leaves you with a robust business taking you beyond your last event.


What Other People Say...

Lana Radley

Freelancer in Corporate Events | South Africa

"I’ve worked with Elouise to uncover what was holding me back and to gain self-confidence and clarity on some personal and professional growth goals. She helped me gain insight on what my kryptonite is and some fundamental steps and implementations I needed to take if I wanted to achieve significant change.

What I appreciated is that she allowed me to explore and find my own answers rather than her telling me what to do or directing me with her agenda. Her coaching technique is explorative with a genuine interest in delivering results.

Before, I have been somewhat hesitant in embarking on a coaching journey as I considered myself as not the ‘type’ to part-take in a group environment, especially when it came to personal and professional aspects of my life. What I learnt the most from this experience was that there is ALWAYS a place to grow. Embrace change because life is too short not to do what you love and what makes you happy. I learnt that it is ok for you to set your goals in such a way that you can reach it and allow you to celebrate each milestone along the way.

The time spent has given me a breakthrough and I have started taking the necessary steps towards my future with more self-confidence and clarity."

Stella Ekgobulu

Business Owner and Entrepreneur
– Switzerland

“I am now more disciplined in maintaining 5 key habits daily, which was my target and a consequence of this is, now I have been able to develop my business brochure and actively now market my business at networking events. Change may be difficult, but it is possible. Elouise’s approach has allowed me to discover that my answers are within me.”

Larna Jackson

Business Owner and Entrepreneur in Corporate Events – South Africa

“The sessions showed me how and why I need to be intentional about my life. Without a plan, very little growth will happen. The weeks, years fly past and having a plan to learn, grow and develop will ensure you achieve maximum results. The sessions were extremely valuable. Being aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, combined with tools to motivate myself, will enhance my ability to make the best of every situation. Most importantly, Elouise showed me how to be intentional about my life.”

Tarryn Bentley-Gross

Entrepreneur and Freelancer in Corporate Events – South Africa

“This process has allowed me to open up and dig deep in finding areas not only I can improve on, but also highlighted the areas that I am already excelling in. Elouise has created a remarkable platform that allowed me to reach my full potential and continually grow throughout my entrepreneurial path.”

This is how You Discover the History of Your Future, Dominate Your Kryptonite and Uncover the Secret Sauce with Your Unique Superpower.


Plus FREE access to The Event Tribe

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