How to send the Kryptonite that’s Crippling your Events Business Supernova!

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Together We'll Identify the Next Logical Steps to Take
And Devise A Clearly Defined Plan for Your Events Business Success


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Here is a big truth....

 Most people are not willing to face the reflection in the mirror!

Despite your best efforts, you are not creating the results you want and deserve. There is so much potential and possibilities. But...

You. Are. Stuck...
…and it stinks!

There are so many ways of doing things the wrong way and so many you can do the right way.  One thing is clear, there is not only one way to success, there are multiple, but only a few that can get you back on track.

It doesn’t matter what “bullet-proof” systems and strategies you’ve been using; the truth is glaring you right in the eyes and you feel it in your gut…You are trapped in the monster that you have created, and you keep hitting the same glass ceiling and you don’t quite know why. You are standing in your frame, and you don’t even know why. And, despite your best efforts, you still struggle to see the picture.

All this…doesn’t matter…

…what matters is whether you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone, face the glaring truth and step into a more aligned approach of creating and running an impactful business.

There are some simple and profound shifts any woman must make to triumph if they want to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner within their events business.

If you book this FREE 1:1 call, I will be able to do a deep dive into which Kryptonite you should be focusing on sending Supernova. Not only will you be walking away after this call with a clear action plan on your next steps, but you will also be ready to bounce forward.

So, you can…

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    Stop the hustle

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    Stop self-doubt

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    Stop winging it

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    Stop faking it until you make it

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    Stop being stuck…

For you to…

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    Welcome an aligned approach to creating a fulfilling business

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    Create and share from the place of power

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    Facilitate a transformational impact

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    Sell your customers the opportunity to become part of a bigger game and a bigger influence

Together We'll Identify the Next Logical Steps to Take
And Devise A Clearly Defined Plan for Your Events Business Success


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If this resonates with you, I am so happy because I will share the exact pathway for you to become an elite entrepreneur and business owner within the corporate events space.

Have you booked your call yet?

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By the way, this FREE offer opens occasionally and unlikely to be seen in a month or two from now. So, if I were you, click on the button and we’ll see each other on the call. What are you waiting for?


What Other People Say...

Lana Radley

Freelancer in Corporate Events | South Africa

"I’ve worked with Elouise to uncover what was holding me back and to gain self-confidence and clarity on some personal and professional growth goals. She helped me gain insight on what my kryptonite is and some fundamental steps and implementations I needed to take if I wanted to achieve significant change.

What I appreciated is that she allowed me to explore and find my own answers rather than her telling me what to do or directing me with her agenda. Her coaching technique is explorative with a genuine interest in delivering results.

Before, I have been somewhat hesitant in embarking on a coaching journey as I considered myself as not the ‘type’ to part-take in a group environment, especially when it came to personal and professional aspects of my life. What I learnt the most from this experience was that there is ALWAYS a place to grow. Embrace change because life is too short not to do what you love and what makes you happy. I learnt that it is ok for you to set your goals in such a way that you can reach it and allow you to celebrate each milestone along the way.

The time spent has given me a breakthrough and I have started taking the necessary steps towards my future with more self-confidence and clarity."

Stella Ekgobulu

Business Owner and Entrepreneur
– Switzerland

“I am now more disciplined in maintaining 5 key habits daily, which was my target and a consequence of this is, now I have been able to develop my business brochure and actively now market my business at networking events. Change may be difficult, but it is possible. Elouise’s approach has allowed me to discover that my answers are within me.”

Larna Jackson

Business Owner and Entrepreneur in Corporate Events – South Africa

“The sessions showed me how and why I need to be intentional about my life. Without a plan, very little growth will happen. The weeks, years fly past and having a plan to learn, grow and develop will ensure you achieve maximum results. The sessions were extremely valuable. Being aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, combined with tools to motivate myself, will enhance my ability to make the best of every situation. Most importantly, Elouise showed me how to be intentional about my life.”

Tarryn Bentley-Gross

Entrepreneur and Freelancer in Corporate Events – South Africa

“This process has allowed me to open up and dig deep in finding areas not only I can improve on, but also highlighted the areas that I am already excelling in. Elouise has created a remarkable platform that allowed me to reach my full potential and continually grow throughout my entrepreneurial path.”

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