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Who am I and Why should YOU care?


I’m a self-starter and strive for excellence. You see, I didn't inherit millions, I didn't win the lottery, I just learnt early on in life having an education and working hard for someone else wasn't the answer of living the life I had pictured.

Throughout my younger years I strove to be a perfectionist and in fact wore the title as a “badge of honor”. A lesson I learnt from my dad at a very young age.  When bringing home my school report cards I always aimed for perfect grades and seeked validation and recognition for my results.

This created the foundation of my values and how I developed my virtues accordingly in my life.

In striving to be all things ‘perfect’...a mother, wife, business owner and friend, I felt I wasn’t doing any of them well at all.

In fact, even though I had been enjoying a very successful career within the hospitality and events industry for over 24 years in which 10 of those years being successful as a business owner...None of it mattered, because it all came at a huge cost and had an impact on how I started seeing myself...

...I became as good as my last event and I was smiling while dying on the inside. My ‘perfect’ became my kryptonite...

...mentally and physically I was hitting burn out.

It wasn’t until late 2018 when my life would be changed dramatically by becoming a 'mama'. This amazing blessing forced me to change perspective in what worked and what didn't. This opened my mind to a very different strategy for the future of my business and personal life balance.

Becoming certified with the Maxwell Leadership Team, completing many other courses in business and marketing development, including being Mentored by some of the Masters in the personal development world, such as John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Christian Simpson, to name a few, I have realized that certain fundamental shifts one must make to break through the proverbial ‘glass-ceiling’. Once I made these simple, yet powerful changes in how I thought and behaved, everything began to flow.

So, let me share the methods and techniques that transformed my business and life.  In the end, these tools have proven to be successful with results in every aspect of my life and business.

Welcome to my world and for taking the first step towards liberation.

I'll see you on the inside!


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Some Random Facts About Me…


I’ve been a start up…
I’ve been the business owner employing people…
I also traded my time for money and at best, for a mediocre existence…
I know what it’s like to run the endless hampster wheel with no end in sight…
I’ve been the business with a model that is horribly vulnerable and unpredictable since it totally relied on my input…
Been there! Done it!


Apart form being ‘Joan of Arc’ for every winged creature, stray kitten or rescue puppy…
My happy place in the African Bush.


I am martial arts trained, play the piano and love exploring the outdoors with my best friend and hubby on our mountain bikes.
Now, I have a secret love affair with our family’s CEO...My 3-year old daughter (I guess this is no longer a secret).

What Other People Say...

Lana Radley

Freelancer in Corporate Events | South Africa

"I’ve worked with Elouise to uncover what was holding me back and to gain self-confidence and clarity on some personal and professional growth goals. She helped me gain insight on what my kryptonite is and some fundamental steps and implementations I needed to take if I wanted to achieve significant change.

What I appreciated is that she allowed me to explore and find my own answers rather than her telling me what to do or directing me with her agenda. Her coaching technique is explorative with a genuine interest in delivering results.

Before, I have been somewhat hesitant in embarking on a coaching journey as I considered myself as not the ‘type’ to part-take in a group environment, especially when it came to personal and professional aspects of my life. What I learnt the most from this experience was that there is ALWAYS a place to grow. Embrace change because life is too short not to do what you love and what makes you happy. I learnt that it is ok for you to set your goals in such a way that you can reach it and allow you to celebrate each milestone along the way.

The time spent has given me a breakthrough and I have started taking the necessary steps towards my future with more self-confidence and clarity."

Stella Ekgobulu

Business Owner and Entrepreneur
– Switzerland

“I am now more disciplined in maintaining 5 key habits daily, which was my target and a consequence of this is, now I have been able to develop my business brochure and actively now market my business at networking events. Change may be difficult, but it is possible. Elouise’s approach has allowed me to discover that my answers are within me.”

Larna Jackson

Business Owner and Entrepreneur in Corporate Events – South Africa

“The sessions showed me how and why I need to be intentional about my life. Without a plan, very little growth will happen. The weeks, years fly past and having a plan to learn, grow and develop will ensure you achieve maximum results. The sessions were extremely valuable. Being aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, combined with tools to motivate myself, will enhance my ability to make the best of every situation. Most importantly, Elouise showed me how to be intentional about my life.”

Tarryn Bentley-Gross

Entrepreneur and Freelancer in Corporate Events – South Africa

“This process has allowed me to open up and dig deep in finding areas not only I can improve on, but also highlighted the areas that I am already excelling in. Elouise has created a remarkable platform that allowed me to reach my full potential and continually grow throughout my entrepreneurial path.”

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